Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Some human beings understand what preferred paint coloration they want but struggle with envisioning the precise shade. Others are simply scared to decide to shade because they’re no longer positive what works first-class with their fixtures.

One of the points about paint I like to make with clients is that the colors you may like may be very different from colors you want to live with.

Some shades translate perfectly to walls. Some, although beautiful, are better saved for fabrics or rugs.

Here are some shades of popular, tried-and-true paint colors along with their exact name and brand, that I think translate very well to walls.

Blue Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Aquidneck Properties

One of my favorite choices for a bedroom is a soft sky blue with a subtle sage undertone. Blue is calming and a logical choice for slumber-inducing relaxation.

Green Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Crisp Architects

I have long admired the shade of green in this kitchen. I think it’s perfectly paired with the white cabinets and does a good job of adding warmth.

Red Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
FORMA Design

When a client asks me to select a red for them, I like to go with a pure, fire engine red. I paint one or two walls and then throw in some more red in rugs or fabrics. I like pairing red with blue or brown as accents.

Yellow Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Tom Stringer Design Partners

One of the trickiest paint colors to get right is yellow, but this shade is just right.

A tip for choosing a yellow from a paint fan deck: select some thing that appears almost beige. yellow is continually a whole lot brighter on a wall than on a paint chip.

Brown Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Carolina Design Associates, LLC

My favorite neutral color for walls is brown. There are many beautiful shades of brown that are so versatile. Brown works great with orange, green, red and other neutral shades.

Greige Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
ScavulloDesign Interiors

A made-up colour, but essential sufficient to mention due to the fact i exploit it a lot. a gentle gray with beige undertones that could be a ideal supplement to maximum white marbles, inclusive of calacatta. it is a fantastic solution for people who sense gray is simply too cold.

Beige Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Regan Baker Design Inc.

A basic beige is a must-have for my paint arsenal. I like beige for the duration of the residence punctuated with bold colour and different neutrals. cherished for its versatility, beige is likewise a exceptional preference as a backdrop for an artwork collection.


Paint Colors for Your Walls
MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

I know some loyal lavender lovers. A soft, slightly there shade of this colour is excellent and appears exceptional with a crisp white trim. i like blending lavender with robin’s egg blue or gray.

Pink Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Shabby-chic Style Living Room

Not just for little girls’ bedrooms, pink can be very sophisticated in the right shade. My favorite pinks are soft and purely pink. Pink looks great paired with white, gray, green and blue.

Gray Wall

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Tara Bussema

A famous coloration for cutting-edge and transitional interiors, gray is a completely unique impartial. i love a gentle charcoal grey paired with creamy whites and beige. strive gray with a punch of chartreuse for a surprising mixture that truly works.

White Collor

Paint Colors for Your Walls
Patrick Sutton

White is really one of the most asked-about colors. The perfect white is sought after for cabinets and trim. Undertones in white paint are important and can really shift a palette.

Black Colour

Paint Colors for Your Walls
McCroskey Interiors

Black. A surprisingly elegant choice for any room, black looks great against most colors. When using black, try contrasting it with crisp white trim and punchy colors in fabrics or rugs.

I prefer to see an eggshell finish on walls, and black looks particularly sophisticated in eggshell.

This regal bedroom boasts a beautiful shade of black called Beluga, by Behr.

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