Cool Tiny House Ideas That Can be Integrated to your Home

Many innovative and space-saving design solutions have been born out of this tiny home movement, and there is no reason you can’t use these ideas even if you’re not living in one idea. They apply if you live in a small room such as a studio apartment or want to use the area for more than one purpose-combining work area and dining room, for example.

The first thing to consider is how you’re going to use that space. Will it be used primarily just to crash at night? Or are you going to use it often during the day, perhaps as a space to work from home? Once you think of a space goal, then you can incorporate design ideas from small houses into your own home. Here are some of the best features of the tiny house that can be taken.

1. Built-in Sofa With Storage

tiny house container
The Tiny Project

There is no reason why you will not use a built-in couch for additional storage. It makes a perfect hideaway for items that you won’t use every day, like a file or a memento. There are several ways to add storage to your couch, such as through a detachable seat with storage space in it, a side drawer, a pull basket, and a shelf.

2. Fold-down Standing Desk

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The Tiny Project

If you are not going to work often from home but want to give yourself a choice, the folding Mount table can work well. Here, a panel folded off the wall to make the table stand. When not in use, the couch can be used completely below.

3. Retractable Bed

modern small house design closet ideas
Tiny House Company

If you have limited floor space but a relatively high ceiling, a retractable bed can be a smart solution. In this smart little house, the bed is raised and lowered from a long distance so that the space below can be used for other purposes during the day. This option can be chosen if the stairs are not practical due to mobility problems, or if you do not like stairs.

Although a retractable bed is not the cheapest option, they add significant comfort and practicality to the small space. When the bed is needed, a long-distance controlled lifting and trajectory system built into the high-height storage wall lowers the bed to rest, transforming the living room into a bedroom. No folds or packing involved.

4. Storage Walls

modern small house design organized ideas

This storage wall, which acts as a cupboard in the same house, can be accessed when a retractable bed is lifted. When the doors are closed, you will know that the wall contains a closet. While it may be easier to have your clothes in the bedroom, nothing stops you from using another wall to store it. Read more about this tiny house

5. Loft Bed

Modern bedroom tiny house
Michelle Jarni

If you’re not a fan of a retractable bed, or want a cheaper option, a loft bed can be another good way to make use of the vertical space. The Attic bed is great for giving a sense of real separation between the various areas of the house. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like being in their own fortress?

6. Space-efficient Stairs

tiny house interior design
Plastics Make It Pssible

If you don’t like the idea of climbing stairs to your attic bed, maybe try a place-saving ladder. In general, stairs can take up a lot of space, so intelligent design as illustrated can be a genius idea. Or if you don’t want your bed to be high, you can consider storing unnecessary items you often access in the attic.

7. Wood Stair With Storage

wood stair tiny house interior design
Tiny Heirloom

If you want a complete ladder comfort, you can use stairs for extra storage. Storage does not need to be confined to cabinets or built-in.

Great ideas for stair wood tiny house
Michelle Jarni

Make use of the hidden spaces in less obvious places, such as shelves under stairs or unnatural cabinets or drawers.

8. Coffee Table Storage Ideas

modern small house design with coffee table
Tamra Amstrong

Another space-saving solution for the living room is a modular storage unit that acts as a coffee table or even an extra seat if needed. It’s best to use if you don’t plan on storing a lot of decorative items on your coffee table.

9. Extra Kitchen Prep Space

Best tiny house kitchen decor ideas
Michelle Jarni

The kitchen sink in the picture holds a double basin, but laminated wood boards and plywood that fit the sink make additional prep room when the sink is not in use. Use extra space while you are cooking, and then pull the board out when you want to wash. Ideal setting.

10. Pull-out Dining Area

tiny house kitchen  interior design
Michelle Jarni

The kitchen can double as a dining room with a pull-out table. Keep it under the kitchen bench, then pull out for a dinner table for an everyday or entertaining dinner. This special table also serves as a kitchen bench to prepare meals. The two-sided withdrawal drawer Set can accommodate kitchen needs in three front drawers.

11. Barrel Shower

tiny house interior bathroom shower design
The Tiny Tack House

The bathroom is an old oak wine barrel that has been sawed in half. Not only does it look cool, it’s also very space saving. After each bath, the owner rinse it with fresh water and remove extra water with a sponge to keep the wood that is not covered in good condition

12. Fold-down Table Bar

modern small house design
MINT Tiny House Company

Want a folding table used for drinks or food while you entertain? Or even as an alternative stand table? But is not willing enough to sacrifice space for permanent structures? The desk-bar in the living room of this specially built small house is easily folded when not in use.

13. Tiny Ofuro Bath

tiny house interior design bath
Oregon Cottage Company

If you have a small bathroom but don’t want to miss out on a soak, this Japanese-style soaking tub can help. The shower head above allows the bathtub doubles as a shower.

14. Indoor-outdoor Table

modern small house design
Micro Dwell 2014

Want an indoor-outdoor table without having to drag it? The table glides outdoors through slots on the walls, allowing the use of outdoors in warmer weather or indoors in cooler weather.

Tiny house garage  ideas
Micro Dwell 2014

Tell us: Which ideas from what you like most or do you think will be useful in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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