Smart Ideas For Empty Corner Decorations

Fill the neglected corners with something useful, interesting or both, using a dozen thoughtful decorating strategies

I am a child who behaves quite well at school, so I don’t recall ever being sent to the corner. If I have, I’m sure I’ll do the same thing I do in another room: think about how to decorate it. Angles are not just for time-outs; Angles are where intelligent design can occur.

Many people stare at their bare corners and feel something is missing. What to go in the empty corner of it? Believe me, it’s a good problem. I’ll show you why.

High back chairs are perfect for corner

orner desk in back
Photography by Michael J. Lee

Most people love the look of high chairs but consider their height as a visual challenge. Place two rear seats in the corner facing out. Add a small table in between and a tapestry. This creates a very comfortable sitting area.

Have a pretty writing desk inherited from a grandparent?

 writing desk gives a space elegance and evokes calm
Photo Credit: Caren Alpert

Good! Now place it on the corner facing out and diagonally. More suitable for writing a letter than plugging in to check the email, the writing desk gives the elegance of space and evokes serenity. Notice the gorgeous green color of the fiddle tree of violin that adds a fertile coating.

Free standing shelves

cORNER DESK Freestanding shelves
Photography by Jennifer Houghton

Fspecially the style inspired from the pyramid, work well in the corner of the room. Keep the extra dishes and gorgeous containers on the shelves open for a nice looking look.

A massage corner

Create a small corner for a landline
Trendy kitchen photo in San Francisco – Houzz

Message Corner is a mission control in every busy household. Create a small corner for your landline, whiteboard, and messages. While you do, add a drawer. Drawers are a must-have item for purposes such as ribbons, scissors, rubber bands, and loose dime.

A display cabinet

A display cabine corner desk
Photo Credit: Susan Gilmore Photography

Display cabinets built in or standing free make use of a well-rounded corner, keeping beautiful dishes, extra cutlery, and close linens.

Add a beautiful window corner

beautiful corner window

This is a bigger job but reap great results. Architects or contractors can help determine the best places and plans to add a window to your home.

Do you have an angle with a good view?

a corner with a great view
Contemporary kitchen/dining room combo idea in San Francisco – Houzz

Beautiful corner View is a natural setting for eating and gathering. Dining table at the corner multitask to eat, write, and assemble.

Add a free standing fireplace

Example of a trendy bedroom design in Boston with a wood stove

Looks smart and retro at the same time. This free standing Unit is pretty easy to install with small clutter. They really add warmth and comfort factor to a room.

Prepare a table game

Wall Charlotte with yellow walls

Pair a table game with banquets and chairs for an attractive angle that is ideal for a cordless pleasure.

Even a tiny table can be difficult to use in small rooms

bedroom makes use of the smallest of corners
Photography Designs By Becky PIckrel

This particular table in the bedroom uses the smallest angle, providing space for the light and small drawers. Beautiful chairs Create a fabric opportunity to add a room palette.

A corner play area

A corner play area is a nice use of a corner if you have little ones running around

The corner play Area is a good use of angles if you have a small kid wandering around, and making the books and toys somewhat restrained. Note the close placement of comfortable seats for adult supervision.

Do you have a beautiful chair that is not so comfortable for long-term seating?

 corner vignette with a fun table and lamp
Photo Credit: Kathryn MacDonald

Try it in sketch corners with fun tables and lights. In the bedroom, this kind of chair is great for wearing shoes or displaying gorgeous pillows and throws.

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