Place For Kids to Dream and Play

Whether you want to refashion an entire room or just a small nook in the house as a bright and fun playroom space for you kid, you can draw fresh inspiration right here.

Discover the trendiest, coolest and most delightful designs for a brilliant playroom makeover ranging from small-scale DIY projects that will take an afternoon or two to complete, to full-scale remodeling and ready-to-build kits.

Soccer-Inspired Boys Playroom

Black & White Teepee

Rustic Minimalism

Fun Educational Chalkboard

Vehicle: Moving Around

While there are many different cool rooms for kids, most of them tend to like some transportation vehicle. Either a carriage that takes a Princess everywhere, to a car, tractor or even a rocket that can transport your kids directly to the sleeping land. The ideas are vast here and it can be tricky to choose just one.

Fortress: Their Own Space

No matter if you have a girl or a boy, you know castles have their own magic and mystic. After all, little girls want to drink their tea with other princesses, and boys want to defend their own castle (or vice-versa). So, if you want to stimulate imaginative games, you can bet that having a castle fort is a great idea.

Climbing wall: Implement Exercise

One of the things that we really love to see in kids rooms is a climbing wall. A climbing wall doesn’t only helps them exercising and making it a habit as it also helps with their development. After all, they will need to use their entire body besides figuring out the best way to climb and the path.
While a climbing wall may not be very appropriate for smaller kids, the truth is that they all tend to love it. Besides, when they have a friend sleeping over or coming to play into your home, you can be sure they will have a lot of fun, even if it is a rainy day.

Crawl Space: The Never Ending Crawling

While most parents always tend to assume that crawling is just the middle step before their babies start to walk alone, the truth is that most kids love to crawl. So, you can build an extra wall dividing the room and instead of a door, you create a mini space where they are the only ones accessing the secret spot where they can have their favorite toys, for example, or their books.
This would work like a more quiet part of the room just like the nest idea. Even though you should still be able to enter in this room inside a room, you know that this is their place. And they are going to love the idea of being independent.

Animals & Snuggle Nooks

It’s all too familiar to all of us that small people get fascinated by giant animals – giraffes, elephants, dinos, you name it! Setting up a tropical playground or a dino world will certainly thrill them above and beyond!

Nordic Simplicity

Balance Board

Creative Spaces in White

White can be a great color pick for a child’s play area. It works for a very visually pleasing aesthetic and you can always combine it with black or another bright color later on, e.g. vibrant yellow or deep blue.

Animal Portraits

Reproductions of original paintings are a great addition to a playroom if your child has an artistic inclination. After all, small details in our surroundings get to play a bigger role later on in our lives.

Rustic Inspired Play Area

For a feel of country and rustic landscapes, add wooden ladders, frames and handcrafted toys. Sometimes kids need country more than urban.

Soothing Minimalist Design

Minimalist Scandinavian style environments work better for the brain – the more clutter and stuff there is, the more agitation for the nervous system. Less is more.

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