Ways to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room

We spend a lot of time in our laundry room, cleaning the stains, pressing the best, and even washing the dog. Shouldn’t we make this space as functional and as comfortable as possible?

The laundry room has been away from the barren basement so many of us grew up together. Take a few tips from this uber-practical laundry room to help you lighten your load.


refrigerator in the garage
Home Innovations

Many houses have a second refrigerator in the garage, but the owner of this House put it in the laundry room. Building it onto a wall helps save space.

Tip: If you’re not ready so far, a mini-fridge (no need to be installed) can still help you keep an extra drink.

Sewing Station

Laundry room decorate ideas
Drury Design

Whoever likes to sew knows how much pain it is to organize and record your clunky machine whenever you want to do repairs or handle the project.

A special sewing station in your laundry room can help you finish your work with ironing boards and other necessities nearby.

Tip: Lower the counter height to 30 inches and knock out the Cabinet for the knee chamber. Make sure there’s a power outlet nearby, and don’t forget the lighting task to help you attach the needle.

Dog Washtub

Laundry room Dog washing tub
Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Every friend and neighbor with the dog will envy as you show them your personal dog wash station.

This is a great addition to the laundry room that has an outside entrance or garage. Wash the dirty Fido feet and dirty fur before she enters the house.

TIP: Packing your laundry station and laundry room floor will be easy.

Washing machine and dryer are lifted

Laundry room Raised washer and dryer
Gryboski Buliders Inc.

Bending to take a lot of clothes off the washer and dryer is not good for anyone. A platform like this eliminates pain (literally) from washing and drying and has a seamless look.

TIP: aim to lift your washing machine and dryer at least 15 inches for the most fitting.

Location of Drying Drops

Laundry room Drip-drying location
Raedan/So Nice To Come Home To

The wet-drop station in this spacious laundry room allows wet clothes to dry out without making a mess.

As a substitute for more cabinets, these cavities are installed throughout the entire section for the best water protection.

Tip: A bar from above provides a place to hang clothes, and the floor drainage guarantees no puddle of water.

Drain the Floor

Laundry room Floor drain
Peter A. Sellar Architectural Photographer

Even if you don’t have a special place to dry the water droplets, floor drainage can be a great idea in your laundry room.

Not only does it facilitate daily cleaning, but it can also prevent serious damage if your washing machine is leaking or overflowing.

Ironing Board

Laundry room Ironing board

For those with a lack of space, ironing boards can give you the benefit of a built-in board without using a wall room or cabinet.

You’ll never have to wrestle with a squeaky freestanding board again. It’s also easy to convert into a budget model.


Laundry room decor ideas on pinterest
The Kitchen Source

The built-in laundry bed can help you keep your laundry room extra neat with less effort. When the clothes pile up, make sure the drawer is closed!

This homeowner has a barrier to white, color and dark-all tucked away and is missing from view.

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