A Place for Kids to Dream and Play

“The simplicity of this room inspires creativity,” says interior designer Ginger Curtis from the room that he designs for his two youngest children, Asher and 3-year-old Avery. 5. The background as a designer and furniture builder is very useful while creating a pleasant bedroom where little kids can play and dream.

She and her husband, Eric, built a set of beds that allowed children to have plenty of room to create in their entire room with them. The crisp white and natural ingredients, along with black accents, provide a soothing Scandinavian-style room, while a large window makes the second-floor bedroom feel like a treehouse.

A Place for Kids to Dream and Play
Photos by: matrixtours.com
  • Bedroom at a Glance
  • What happens here: Sleeping, drawing, dreaming, playing with toys, reading
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Size: 154 square feet (14.3 square meters); 11 by 14 feet
  • Designer: Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs

Curtis has a background as a designer and furniture builder, and together he and her husband, Eric, build a bed. One bed is firmly moored as a top bed, while the lower ones can move over the caster.

The elongated Platform of the lower bed provides a seat under the upper bed at the corner of creativity.

Paint the walls: far grey, Benjamin Moore; Beds: Custom, urbanological design

kids room Wall paint

Curtis balances his homemade pieces like a bed with another rescue and some splurges. One royal is a special bed. The Scandinavian-inspired, gender-neutral palette is a great choice in the room shared by boys and girls.

Scandinavian-inspired kids room

Space in the premium in this room. “We used to have a twin bed here, and it just looked very small,” says Curtis. An important part of the redesign is to add a place where kids can play and be creative.

The bed solution gives him space to create a happy little corner for the kids. Curtis makes his own house, adding a plus-edge reading light to his books and art projects. The extension of the bed platform is a good place for the little ones to sit and be seated.

Since every inch is calculated, details and textures are important. “I started with the fifth wall, the floor, ” said the designer. “The super-wide and long Maple Board is the foundation of the room.” Next it is 8 times 10 feet long-lasting and child-friendly burlap carpet. The use of natural ingredients adds to the serene atmosphere of the Scandinavian room.

Scandinacian kids room decor

“The window is so large that it makes the whole room feel like a treehouse,” Curtis said. “The sun shines, and there is a great view of the tree outside.”

The small table is a great place for tea parties and art projects. “It’s a relaxing place for them to it-there’s no mess because there’s room for everything.” Wardrobes, racks, and toy baskets provide a lot of storage for kids ‘ favorite things.

The Tirainya is simple and white with extra detail: Curtis adds a pompom ornament. “Trim adds a subtle sweet dimension – this is a small dream world here,” she says. He also used the larger pompom in the window and the white banners that he made himself to add layers of texture and shape.

Kids to Dream and Play

“Vine ” like trees made of wooden beads help to visually attach the angle of creativity. Having a lower bed on the caster “makes things so easy when you want to move them elsewhere, even just to suck in dust,” Curtis said.

The casters can be locked in place.

A triangular wall decals adds interest to the wall. “I set them up with 55 different ways until we finish this,” says Curtis while laughing. “The great thing about decals is that they are easy to forgive – easily peeled and rearranged.”

kids room wall decals add interest to the walls

Before the makeover, the designer had scooped up four pieces of art on top with a permission of each for $2, knowing that he would find a place for them someday.

The wall-mounted shelves from Ikea provide plenty of room for toys, books, and other favorite things.

kids room Before the makeove

kinds of toys they will pass

Curtis was a very believer in the humble life and continued his thoughts to his children. “The doll is expensive, but well made. I prefer my daughter to have one pretty doll that she likes and always plays with more than 50 dolls all of which will fall apart, “she says.

My children’s toys are well made and meaningful. The kind of toys they will be lowering for their children and grandchildren to play together someday. Rocking in the first photo is another great example: it’s handmade by a Los Angeles artist.

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