Floor Lamps That Really Stand

As the decorator with contained divided, maximally on one day and the next minimalism, the floor lamp is a popular debate that only exists in my head, rarely at home. Choose the right one for your room that is sparsely furnished, and it becomes the illuminated tawing artwork.

Choose the wrong one in the busy and safe-registered space, you may drop a salary last week on costly chaos that lights up.

Whether lodged in a corner or stand proudly in the middle of the room, here are some good examples of floor lamps to stand the test of time:

Modern living room floor lamp

Mmmm hmmm, the classic mid-century triple arm light. Its name is ARA of Usona, and its color has a delicious gold coating. He is a perfect example of function fulfilling functionality. Actually, the classic shape is so powerful, who cares that she is also a functioning light source?

Flooe lamp stand

Remember when the 1970’s era, over-the-couch arc lights back in the year 2003-2004? During this time, many of the ridiculous plastic and stainless wannabes got into dozens of retail stores — then disappeared a year later.

That’s probably because the seemingly enduring test of time is usually a solid metal with a remarkable touch: sprayed paint, polished chrome or satin brass. This Rowe floor lamp is a perfect example of which will only always have the “it ” factor. Kinda like Lady Gaga’s 75-watt.

Spun floor Lamp

Although this medieval footwear style folds well in corners without taking over the room, it is also an affordable option (the $290 is cool from Premiere Luminaire). I would be afraid to see the price tag on the original Italian model found in the upscale showrooms.


Lamp Floor Noon Read from Usona is a perfect example of how the right carved floor lamps can really finish off a chic but rare space. Notice how this baby is really beautiful and everything but not screaming, “Look at me, I’m the floor lights, don’t pay attention on the COUCH or ARMCHAIR; Their latest news. ”

Outdoor floor lamps

Outdoor floor lamps such as Bag Outdoor Floor Lamp are becoming more abundant in designer showrooms every year. With the growing popularity of outdoor rooms when weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, chances are we’ll all use them sooner or later.

I’ll cool down some clams on this; They really made the outdoor area more feel like a room.

Classic chrome Arco Floor Lamp

The classic Arco chrome floor lamp that is often seen on the couch works beautifully over sleepy noggins. Perhaps if Carol Ann had one of them in her room, the Poltergeist would leave her alone.

Ligne Roset's Bul Floor Lamp

Notice how the black color on the floor lamp Bul Ligne Roset not only adds to the visual interest layer here, but also helps describe the seating area of the remaining open space.

Forgive me now because I try to sell anything I can save for that beautiful outdoor floor lamp. If I started now, I was able to buy it at Christmas 2020.

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