Many innovative and space-saving design solutions have been born out of this tiny home movement, and there is no reason you can't use these ideas even if you're not living in one idea. They apply if you live in...
Whatever living room lighting ideas you choose they have to work in so many different scenarios. One minute your living room is host to movie marathons and the next transformed into a place for reading, homework, and intensely competitive...
This elegant 1817 home in Dublin has everything you might imagine a Georgian townhouse to have: beautiful period features, generous windows and tons of traditional character. However, the large conservatory addition to the back of the two-storey house gives it...
We spent a lot of time at home in the bedroom. Even when we don't sleep, we have breakfast in bed, blogging, reading, or simply relaxing. But the bedroom can be one of the last rooms we decorate; Main living...
The best garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture, definition and joy to your outdoor space. After a long winter, it’s lovely to be able to get out into the garden again. But if you’re to enjoy the space...


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For those who love nothing greater than twinkle lights, a great deal of plaid decor and glitter galore, Christmas is the time to place...

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