The Great Divide: Structures and Panels Shape Spaces

Conquer small and large spaces with modern, functional and stylish room dividers.

Room dividers are a contemporary option for both small and large rooms. They can help make living spaces more functional, can bring privacy to open-plan living and often can be useful pieces of furniture themselves. On top of that, room dividers are often stylish and attractive additions.

So whether you’re looking to divide rooms for more efficient use of space, add an accent piece that will give a room character, or hide areas and enhance privacy, room dividers may be the solution you’re looking for. Permanent or temporary, functional or decorative, here are various ways to visually separate spaces without losing that sense of open-plan living.

Sliding Doors

If you want the option of keeping your room as one large, open space or dividing it depending on privacy circumstances, then sliding doors are a flexible solution. From thick doors that fully obscure the view to more transparent gates, sliding doors are versatile and come in a range of prices and styles.

Functional Furniture.

This great furniture item has three times the functionality — it’s storage, decoration and a room divider. The midcentury cupboard and bookshelf unit visually divides the large, open area into a living room and dining room while maintaining the flow of space and light. Additionally, it’s a great place to display plants and ornamental favorites, while also storing other items.

Floating Panels

In a master bedroom or guesthouse, a room divider can split a large space into a sleeping area and a lounging area.

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These floating panels create a simple and effective privacy wall, secured by wire at the ceiling and floor. Silver strips make it bright, and since it is only three-quarters of the height of the wall, light and space still flood the room.

Vintage Windows

Here’s an innovative use of old window frames if I ever saw one. Dividing an apartment space into a living area and dining room, this series of old window frames adds character and intrigue that is fitting with the brick walls.

Figure-five Installation

Fittingly, in the fifth spot we have a figure-five divider. This innovative wood structure houses an ethanol-burning fireplace below and a rotating television above. It separates an open-plan kitchen-dining-living area without obscuring space and allows the occupants to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and view the television no matter where they’re sitting or working in the room.

Material Screens

This budget-friendly, temporary and movable room divider brings color to a large, open space while hiding areas from view. Adding privacy to an adjacent study or office area, this divider — with material simply hanging from a rod at the ceiling — is simple, effective and very easy to live with.

Decorative Partitions

For a bit of old-school glamour, patterned wood dividers add a sense of privacy in a master bedroom and bring decorative interest to a large room.

Wood Panels

Recycled Australian hardwood is used here to divide the dining room from the living area, bringing a little more privacy to both. Air, space and light still flow through the open panels, while plants complement the organic aesthetic.

Shelving Units

You can create transparent walls with shelving units that maintain open space but divide rooms by purpose. Built into the home or as movable furniture, they give you a great place to show off your most loved possessions.

Green Wall

And finally, something a little different. Get creative with a green wall or plant installation. Perfect for indoors or out, it will freshen the air, bring color and be a conversation starter. This one screens a backyard shower.


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