Dream Spaces: Home Office You’d Be Delighted to Work In

With technology that makes the workplace more flexible than ever, more of us work from home offices. It has its facilities. You don’t need to have trouble with parking or public transport, and you can enjoy a lunch break whenever you want.

The downside is that working from home gives distractions, especially when deadlines soar: dogs need a way; Kitchen Sinks breed A new form of life; You need to hang out.

Without the boss noticing when you enter, you have to rely on your own desires to fit in each morning. This is when having an extraordinary Home Office can be useful. If your headquarters entice you to sit at your desk, half of the battle has been won. The Home Office that you love can be both inspiring and practical.

1. Soft Touches

Home Office chairs and desks

Chairs and office desks do not need to look like the accountant’s office. The chair of this modern floral dining room is attractive and comfortable. The newly cut flowers, side tables, and carpets are gentle accents that provide a friendly atmosphere.

2. Custom Features

Home office Custom features

Get inventive with your shelves. Prepare two stairs and wooden planks and, boom, Shabby Chic shelves. Add wallpaper to the feature wall to improve the quality.

3. Get Personal

Personalize your home office

Personalize your office with items that mean something to you. Quirky cushions, framed prints decorate to your heart’s content.

4. Lamp Light

Draem space Lamp light
Domicile id

Adding some desk lights can warm up the office area, especially when you burn Midnight Oil on your desk. These lamps are paired with soft-furnished chairs and wall art for an inviting space.

5. Creative Custom Made

Creative custom made home office

How about a little red Corvette for a desk at home? I am sure Prince would approve. Don’t be afraid to go left of center — a work office doesn’t need to be all function and no fun.

6. Window Views

Home office Window views
Pedro Feduchi

If you can’t get out in the garden, you might as well have a good view of it. This panelled window creates the look and feel of the greenhouse, blurring the boundaries between the outside and the inside.

7. Traditional Touches

traditional home office

Neutral tones make this traditional style office not very pretty. The decoration table stands out, as are the fancy office chairs.

8. Backyard Access

Contemporary Landscape, Melbourne

What better way to start a day than to walk through your own garden to your home office? Have a wonderful view or a place where you can breathe fresh air can make a difference for a productive weekday.

9. Palette Perfection

Home office Palette perfection
Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

Do you have a favorite color that you like, no matter what? Enter into your home office. I am a green fan, which is probably why this Home office attracted my attention.

10. Salvage Style

Meets Industrial in a Brooklyn Loft

The table in this industrial-style attic is a working desk of an old wooden store left in the place, because it is too heavy to move around. The top of the steel works perfectly inside the space.

11. Get Exposed

Home office Get exposed
Todd Davis Architecture

The exposed brick and industrial windows give this office space a distinct personality. The window seat offers a place for unwinding or sneaking in a nap.

12. Functional Finesse

Home office Functional finesse

Home offices need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they need to come from a cubicle farm. This midcentury home office has task lighting with a stylish touch.

13. Nice and Narrow

Home office Nice and narrow

Floating shelves and a narrow desk allow this space to be discreet but eye catching at the same time. The assortment of frames lends a casual feel.

14. The Writing’s on The Wall

Office wall with writing
Ventura Homes

Make bold statements in black and white with accents of red. The wood flooring and desk here add a warm touch.

Tell us: What do you think of these offices? Share pictures of your own office in the Comments section.

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