21 Best Staircase Decorating Ideas for your Home

If your home is more than one story and you are not able to leap ten feet in a single bound, you probably have a staircase.

Maybe you resent your staircase because it is boring, or ugly. But instead of seeing your stairs as an eyesore, you can think of it as a giant blank canvas. Why not try one of these twenty creative ways to paint your stairs?

1. Back in Black

Black white stair decoration ideas

2. Step It Up With Stencils

The stark staircase in the home of our senior style and photo director, Elana Frankel, has always bothered her. It just didn’t reflect the exuberant style and energy of Elana or her young family.

In short, it needed a little love. When she turned to me for help, I jumped at the chance. She knew she wanted to paint them some shade of blue, but otherwise she gave me free rein to have some fun. See more

3. Never Met A Stripe We Didn’t Like

Never Met A Stripe We Didn't Like

Here are two pretty ideas to use in your beach home (or make your humble abode look like one, if you happen to not have a beach home obviously). See more

4. Blue Crush

Blue Crush Stair

Whether you actually live by the water or just wish you did, paint your steps blue. Coastal vibes for days. See more…

5. Colorful Connecticus Stairway

Colorful Connecticus Stairway

6. Country Home With an Antelope Stair Runner


7. Brooklyn Townhouse With a Natural Detail

Brooklyn Townhouse With a Natural Detail

8. A Pirate’s Bay Entry

A Pirate's Bay Entry

9. Abstract Art Gives Color to This Entry

Abstract Art Gives Color to This Entry

10. Less Is More

Less Is More Stair

Restraint is always overrated. For a cool, modern, minimalist feel, opt for reclaimed wood steps and a clean white staircase. To keep it from feeling too stark, add a small accent table at the base. See more..

11. Color Crazy

Mix it up by painting your railing an unexpected color, like this candy apple red. The glossy red railing adds serious sex appeal.

12. On The Map

On The Map staircase

In this Bahamian vacation home, the stairwell was painted with a map of Guana Cay that includes the house, the family’s favorite bar, and places they like to take their boat. A blue runner ups the seaside feel.

13. A Personal Passage

A salon-style display is a great way to fill up the empty expanses of a staircase and show off your art collection. We also love giving it a personal twist, such as this wall of family photos. Using black-and-white photos lends a sophisticated and cohesive feel, while the subject matter will make you smile every time you walk past.

14. Go for the Gold

Even a staircase can have a sense of luxury. Bring in gilded frames and classical pieces such as blue-and-white porcelain, Old Master drawings, and antique mirrors for a perfectly opulent passage that exudes a sense of well-collected refinement.

15. Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts Staircase

If you’re feeling daring, experiment with a crazy print. These stairs are carpeted in a zebra print, but you could also use temporary wallpaper if this feels too bold for a long term commitment.

16. Compare & Contrast

The staircase in a California home is graphic goals thanks to patterned tiles. The contrasting mix works thanks to a common color palette.

17. Gallery Wall Goals

Gallery Wall Goals Stair

You know the perfect place to try out that gallery wall you’ve always wanted? Your stairwell. See more… 

18. Run This Town

Run This Town

Full carpeted stairs can look a bit dated, so instead, try a runner. It’ll up the cozy factor from bare stairs, but look a little more fresh. See more…

19. Looks Good On Paper

Looks Good On Paper

If you’ve got some leftover wallpaper rolls, apply them to your stair risers. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy way to add some pattern to your stairs if you’re not ready to commit to one pattern for the rest of your life.

20. Keep It Classic

keep it classic

Rip out the old carpet on your stairs and gave it traditional, timeless style: Dark espresso brown for the rail and steps, and classic white for the rest. See more…

21. Fabric FTW!

Fabric FTW!

Give a staircase a breezy, colorful look using only paint and fabric. To apply the fabric, use a crafting staple: ModPodge. See more…

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