Best Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire a Total Makeover

The bathroom is really one of the most important rooms in the house. We use it every day to maintain health and hygiene, plus get ready every morning. Although it can be a small space, the bathroom must have a huge impact on our daily lives.

Most people do not have the luxury of a large-sized or even medium bathroom, which poses an interesting problem about how to decorate that little space. Decorations can easily become messy in confined spaces. To inspire your best ideas, we’ve shared our favorite ways to decorate a small bathroom.

With everything from organizational and wall art tips to soothing color schemes, you’ll find the right combination to match your style.

1. Style bathtub Sink

© Sarah Elliott

Bring the trough to the inside with this inspired idea, and get ready for all the nice vibes of the farm house! No, this is not the actual trough — it only has a similar look.

2. Metallic Embellishments

Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas And Remodel

Gold, copper and neutral colors will always give any room a modern vibe. Include multiple geometric shapes and lines for a truly contemporary look.

3. Multicolored Runner

Bathroom decor Multicolored Runner
© Aric Piasecki

Add a slight vibe to the neutral bathroom by swapping out the bathroom mat with gorgeous tapestries like Alison and Jim Luckman do in their farm house in Idaho.

4. Practical And Decorative Hooks

Practical And Decorative Hooks

Hooks are everywhere! Use for hanging towel, switch or even flowerpot.

5. Savvy Bathroom Vanity

Best bathroom vanity mirror

This vanity has unique storage below, allowing the cleanliness above.

6. Silver Accent

Bathroom Silver fixtures and a silver mirror
© Hellen Norman

Silver fixtures and silver mirrors coordinate with the all-white bathroom for a fresh look.

7. Organized Towels

Best bathroom decor ideas

Use your towel as a decoration by choosing one color and arrange it neatly on the shelf.

8. By the sink

washroom sink design ideas
© Trevor Smith

No one says “Country ” like an old feeding tub that was converted into a washroom sink!

9. Bathroom Simple Decor Minimalist

Simple bathroom decoration for small space

The minimalist theme will make sure your bathroom looks good every season. Add golden chandeliers and some seasonal floral motifs for a quick yet slick look.

10 Bathroom Wall Art Decor Ideas

Bathroom wall art decor ideas pinterest

Use the empty wall space above your toilet wisely by mounting some decorative rustic shelves. Use them to hold toilet paper, towels, and decorations.

11 Modern Backsplash

Modern Bathroom decor Backsplash

The modern and neutral backsplash is perfect for those who want to add texture and dimension. Blend in with a large hanging mirror to complement your look and make your space feel bigger.

12 Vintage Vase And Bright Blooms

Bathroom Vintage Vase And Bright Blooms

Place vintage vase or distressed with some bright floral motifs to liven up your counter space. Add a suitable jewelry tray and towel to unite everything.

13. Exposed Brick

Bathroom decoration Exposed Brick
© Brian Woodcock

Exposed brick walls, altered metal ceilings and claw-foot bathtubs blend into the vintage inspired space of Tennessee’s home.

14. Spa Vibes

Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pinterest

For the best spa feel, set your bath towel by rolling instead of folding. Select two to three colors to coordinate with your other color schemes.

15. Over The Sink Shelves

DIY bathroom Over The Sink Shelves

These shelves make a great DIY project and are a space-saving technique for your small bathroom.

16. Old School Details

© Eric Piasecki/Otto

Beat the trend with the antique room. Here, the mute color and the mahogany stain finish the job

17. Color coordinates

Bathroom decor Color Coordinate
© Aaron Colussi

Gold and sea Blues blend beautifully in this master bathroom. (And see that amazing chandelier!)

18. Door Towel Racks

Bathroom decor Door Towel Racks

The small bathroom should take advantage of all available space-for example, try hanging towels and robes behind the door.

19. Small Toilet Cove Shelves

Small Toilet Cove Shelves

This toilet cove Shelf is an easy project and a great place to store extra items or decorations.

20. Unique Shapes

Bathroom decor ideas

Gunakan dasar-dasar berbentuk unik untuk berfungsi ganda sebagai dekorasi, seperti cermin atau lampu gantung. Kombinasikan dengan dinding netral atau bisu untuk membuatnya menonjol.

21. Weathered white skin

athroom, vintage-inspired materials and an antique
© David Tsay

This is something you may not be aware of: “White and bright” doesn’t mean it should mean “modern.” In this bathroom, vintage-inspired ingredients and antique benches keep the whole room grounded and nostalgic.

22. Over The Toilet Prints


If you don’t need space for storage, large-sized art prints are a great choice around the toilet.

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