Playroom Ideas That Make Us Want to Be Kids Again

No matter your home’s size, you can keep your children entertained in their very own playroom.

These delightful and stylish solutions will inspire you to create a fun space even adults will love.

1. Bring in a Favorite Hobby

kids’ room real estate

Why not use your kids ‘ real estate rooms to encourage and inspire their creativity? This children’s bedroom playroom combo, designed by Emily Henderson, includes the actual climbing wall alongside slick storage.

2. Spread Some Sunshine

Kids room Spread Some Sunshine

The cheerful yellow hue and jumbo stripe pattern make the statement merged to give these children’s rooms a cheerful positive aesthetic.

3. Paint With Primary Colors

Kids Room Paint With Primary Colors

As the baby grows beyond the baby’s pastel color, change the space with a new look in bold primary colors.

4. Display Toys and Collections

Kids Room Display Toys and Collections

Children’s toys are very valuable to them – even after they grow bigger every day. That’s when you can create a view that respects the interests of their objects, raises stuffed animals and toys in a specially unreachable space.

5. Play Up Their Passions

Kids Room Play Up Their Passions

Give them a space filled with their favorite activities: The Hawaiian bedroom was designed by the San Francisco-based NICOLEHOLLIS featuring a series of skateboards on its walls, with a nod to the true love of its inhabitants to sports.

6. Take Bunk Beds to the Next Level

Kids room Take Bunk Beds to the Next Level

Bunk beds can be a source of endless creativity: take a regular bed to the next level with buildings like curtains, draperies, and bold wallpaper backgrounds, as did a southern California-based company, Studio Life/Style.

7. Go Green

green aesthetic choice for a kids room

Designer Emily C. Butler explains why bright green colors are not just aesthetic choices for children’s rooms-but also durable colors. “Less conventional than your usual navy, this striking green fits in blue, red, gray, black, and even wood tones, making it the perfect accent color for a bedroom that can easily grow with its occupants,”.

8. Mix Prints Fearlessly

kids room blue was used in this bedroom

Don’t be afraid of mixing mold for dramatic and vivid effects. Coordinate the display with colors that blend, because blue is used in this room.

9. Western Charm

Kids Room Western Charm

The flag of the state of California, a tapestry of cow skins, and the lampshade of woven turns this space into a laid-back yet magnificent hangout.

10. Hang a Gallery Wall

Kids Room elegant gold and white gallery wall

The gallery walls are not only for the adult space: Daddy Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent hang the elegant gold and white gallery walls on the bed of the pink fabric-coated children.

11. Modern White

white basement playroom
Desain Eisner

The white and crisp ground floor play room by the New York Eisner Design Company may be the most stylish place for children. In the middle of the room is a cloud-soft gym set. The built-in shelf on the right shows a long orange kidney-shaped seat. Rear wall to climb. After that, the stripped down children can kick back one of the three cocoon hanging chairs.

12. Treehouse Inspired

KIds room Treehouse Inspired

We loved the playroom inspired by this tree house by the interior designers at Thinkterior based in Ashburn, Virginia. “Tree House” is a favorite place to stay. The stage Area has built-in floor storage. A false tree adds to the outdoor vibe. Not shown in photos are rustic home theater and indoor swings.

13. Attic Room

Kids room Attic Room

At the New York Beach House by the Brooklyn design firm, Chango & Company, the attic becomes the main playroom. Moroccan floor cushions and dozens of accented pillows provide comfort. Carpeted floors provide a soft space to play. The ceiling mounted swings make a small heart pounding.

14. DIY Room

Kids room with DIY
Alvhem Makleri

Black Washi tape and small rack system turn an untapped angle in the children’s room into a play house. Notice the second shelf? Thanks to the power tool called routers, now the kitchen is small toys.

15. Balcony Teepee

small kids room apartment balcony

A small apartment balcony can be an outdoor play room. This space is featured on the Polish decor blog Martelka comes with teepee. Bathmat added little comfort under the feet. The chalkboard covering the fence provides a place for writing and drawing, plus additional privacy.

16. Transitional and Stylish

Kids room beautiful gray closet
Desain Interior Dragon Fly

A beautiful gray closet with a built-in window seat supports space. The flirty Ikea Maskros Chandelier adds a strange touch. Colorful Carpet tiles spice the floor. Pint sized furniture makes the room more appealing to guests.

17. Bunk Bed

Dubbed the thin plywood playhouse “Hut ” creates a cool space to sleep and play. Even better, the elevated lounge area means more floor space for fun and gaming.

18. Decorate Storage

Kids room decorate storage
Marie Willumsen

A Set of tables and small chairs create a place for a tea party or craft. Even practical storage has a pleasant touch. The simple paint job transforms some of the wall-mounted Ikea cabinets into strange murals.

19. Book Nook

kids room decorate ideas
Arsitek Smith & Vansant

Purple walls and yellow ceilings set playful tones. The small Daybed in front of the window provides the perfect place to curl up. The built-in shelves filled with books and toys make everything organised. Family photos on the wall are touching touches of heart.

20. See in Black and White

Black wgite kids room decor

Black and white gives a chic and cool impression-for all ages. This Tribeca loft features a graphical display in its tapestries, lighting fixtures and accessories.

21. Consider Age

Consider Age KISD ROOM

Yes, even a basketball ring can be a style. In this playroom designed by Emily Henderson, swings, drums, and basketball rings are tailored to fit the contemporary home. And it was built to scale for children who use space.

22. Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

Playroom Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

The plush Velvet Sofa is the perfect seating choice for a living room that fills the playroom, as well as a round coffee table in Emily Henderson’s playroom. The rear table serves as a craft station, and can be transformed into a table as the chid gets older.

23. Have Fun With Decor

Playroom Have Fun With Decor

When space in the playroom is limited, use your five walls strategically. Take note from Studio DB and wallpaper the ceiling, build a gallery wall with a sense of humor, bring in as much shelving as possible, and opt for a vibrant area rug.

24. Build a Fort

Playroom kids built fort

Kids love to build fortresses, and they also love hanging out under a real fortress that they don’t have to unload every time they build one in a common room. This one was dreamed of by none other than Regan Baker Design.

25. Make It a Kid-Only Zone

Playroom for kids Make It a Kid-Only Zone

You enter this small oasis designed by Emily Henderson through a small door. Adults can only come if they crawl, give them special magical magic children.

26. Let Them Write on the Walls

Playroom for kids chalkboard wallpaper

Select the chalkboard wallpaper so that the kids can write on the wall without you having to knock it off. It’s a fun interactive design element that will grow memories and inspire personal expressions. Then choose adult staples, such as leather sofas, woven pendants, and wood side tables as seen in this Lifestyle Studio room.

27. Find Smart Storage Solutions

Smart Storage Solutions Kids Room

Since the design is definitely more child friendly and fun in the playroom than in other rooms in the house, you can do more wild things, such as choosing graffiti print coatings and neon artwork, like the 2LG Studio does here. But if there is one thing you need to take a serious look at the playroom, it’s storage. The built-in closet and shelf under the bench will keep everything neat and orderly.

28. Combine It With the Media Room

Kids Room Combine It With the Media Room

With internal storage under extra bench seating, kids friendly coffee table, colorful floor cushions, and weird wallpapers, this media room is also quite unique to be the background of the playroom.

29. Think From a Kid’s Perspective

Decorate from a kid's perspective

Decorate from a child’s point of view, especially if your little one is small — like really kneeling to see how high their toys and furniture are to reach. Even the artwork in the cute playroom designed by Regan Baker is upgraded on a lower level to accommodate children

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