Best Amazing Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

The best garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture, definition and joy to your outdoor space. After a long winter, it’s lovely to be able to get out into the garden again. But if you’re to enjoy the space at its very best, some work will be involved, whether it’s replacing or maintaining a garden fence, weeding and mowing, or redesigning some key features to give your garden a whole new look.

The garden fence is one element of a garden that’s often overlooked and relegated to the realms of the practical. A fence’s main function might be to separate one garden from another, providing a handy boundary that we all respect, but we shouldn’t underestimate its importance. The type of fence you have can really affect the look of your garden.

Painted Fences and Walls That Transform Their Gardens

Does your garden need an extra something to reach its full potential? Could that elusive something be a few coats of well-chosen colour on a wall or fence? You might be surprised at the power of the paint in these stylish spaces

Secluded Garden Ideas

In these turbulent times, what could be more soothing than to carve out a secluded spot in your garden in which to relax alone, with a loved-one, or to entertain friends? These clever screening ideas ensure that it won’t feel like the neighbours are joining you

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